An instant evolves into eternity,

I wait in stillness.

Staring across the platform, train delayed,

my view, endless wondering of ordinary people.

Here in gray and silence, we stand

in a rusty city

of lights absorbing energy,

ceaseless action.

Delicately balanced, precise and instinctive,

Connected, enduring—

Captured in reciprocal gaze.

With a hush we explore space,

replacing the hum, the drum,

feeling beyond darkness,

for delight of touch and taste and color;

Wrecked from the pursuit,

anticipating the reward of convivial lips.

Longing for the sum, to confiscate

the residual near death,

and subsequently, a train five minutes past due.

You, who sees me from the other side,

can you hear me thhrough my eyes?

Your chest rises, falls, in momentum

with my own,

I believe you listen,

can almost catch your breath.

Silent communication dances between.

The train rushes in,

steel wheels grind the tracks,

sparks like fireflies,

we unite across the bleak platform—

receptive flesh tingles.

A step

Suddenly on my way—

Our encounter lingers.

©Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte