There are all of these questions that answer: Why?


I feel guilty trying to understand all things that perhaps I should simply accept.


No matter what happens, or how I feel, somehow deep down I know,

trust everything is perfect, even during worst-case scenarios.

Some of us are thrown into a mix of surprise:


lost, loss,

laughter and death–

There’s an art to surviving.


Yes, I am bitter at this now.

Today, I grew older by a lifetime.

Looking back, I wonder where I went.

I consider where time broke-off from reality,

and if anything is true?

Sometimes, I dream about floating in space.

It’s so dark and loud; it frightens me that I could be there forever,

waiting to be born or called into life.

Standing perfectly still seems the sanest thing to do when you’re afraid,

but you get nowhere, only pain.

Every now and then natural sunlight shines like it’s saying, “You can…”

I jump into love and look for you there!

Oh please…

And it could be laughter I hear or the wind, either way in that second I am free.

How can I expect you’d understand?

Maria DellaPorte – Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved