Today you are a bird—

The thin and crooked smile has disappeared,

replaced by a pointed beak.

It knows…

The trees, they are your home,

and the wind a best friend.

Call on her like magic,

sail with ease into the gap:

No time.

No death.

No broken heart—

Everything found is free,

and crumbs, they are so satisfying.

Thank you!

Though, I’ve no idea who you are?

I merely exist on my own accord,

that I am in fact, a bird:


Searching worms.


On a limb and in Heaven…

The air, the air,

is ours to breathe.

God giving life,

or is it I?

Whatever your interpretation,


As long as we are free to fly—

Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2014 All Rights Reserved