The other day I jumped onto WordPress to apologize for being less active in my reading, posting, etc. I’ve been busy finalizing details for the publication of my new book, Life in Between. I excitedly posted the links to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. Today, I received a printed version as it will go out to the public, and STOP THE PRESSES!

It’s explained to me that it’s rare for any issue to occur with the printer. My middle name is, Rare! I’m the 1% out of a million to have anaphylaxis to medication. However, my one in a million odds for winning the lottery works fine siding in the opposite favor.

News flash: The printer has been stopped. Temporarily Unavailable is what you’ll receive as a message when placing an order for my book. Why? The photographs are not represented properly with the detail, light, depth, composition, that are in the actual ones submitted and that showed perfectly electronically.

This is a hugely upsetting situation for me being people have already ordered, I’ve launched campaign ads, and so forth. Trying to find the silver lining, or at least the humor. I’m a humorous kinda gal in the midst of tragedy. Details, and more details to be rearranged. Headaches. Worry. Oh, and I’m tired, in need of a vacation that includes alcoholic beverages served in cut-out fruit.

Thank you everyone for the continued support. I’ll be back with things ready to roll again in no time. Life in Between, the title of my book for a reason.