I always try to go to different blogs to find and learn about different writers,  and of course read, and/or follow people that have read, liked, and followed me. However, a problem exists. I have clicked on numerous blogger’s photos that I’ve seen through their liking a piece I’ve written, but am then taken to the avatar site with a picture only, and no way of getting to their website/blog.  I get frustrated because I am interested and do want to read their work but cannot. So, if you’re wondering, maybe check to make sure that the blog is listed. I’m honestly not sure how to do that? For certain, I’m not the most advanced on WordPress. I want to apologize if I’ve missed things because of this, and hope to be able to locate the blogs of people that take the time to read mine. I also would like to apologize for when I miss posts by people I am following due to other reasons such as time, being away, work, etc., and I will always try to catch-up! In addition, I can only read English. I am super impressed by people that do this in serval languages. Wow!  I’m actually blown away by how many exceptionally talented writers there are on WordPress, and enjoy so many terrific posts. Thank you. Happy writing! 🙂