—The days we were fearless and brilliant.

Friend, I can never grow old with you, forever young, in my heart. I love you. Through sounds of rock-n’-roll remember:

Maybe it was a conversation. A Chevy racing anywhere but here! Embracing madness we believed could kill, or save us…A confident moon in July on long summer nights that melted into our souls. The street walked a thousand times; Pair of jeans that knew your name – bandana in your pocket. Late-night pizza. A stale warm, Michelob, shared like gold, the Marlboro cigarette from behind your ear, asking for a light.

We dreamt while awake, lived with no regrets. Had each other’s backs as natural as breathing.

Today, our pieces have fallen perfectly into place – collages of the lives we formed.

Some days are furious twisters, funnels collecting tomorrows and taking them for granted. They hit us in the face with yesterdays, memories that love and hate us—Either way, we keep them: Scream holy hell with regret, or smile gladly for it happened!

In the weather of seasons, city traffic, daily grind, country blues, ups, downs – the pain, pondering, emptiness or joy, is the same here as there, I promise, as is the beauty of our many new layers.

No matter what road traveled the lyrics remain the same, and ours to sing with whomever we choose. Free—Jesus Christ, we could go anywhere!

Forever intermingled, a spiral finds a way to land (or fall-apart) together precisely.

You’ll find us, me, him, her, all, waiting in laughter and love to comfortably make you at home. No secrets or lies, and you’ll know confidently it’s where you belong.

Our collected treasures of a lifetime, and the extensions in love that we’ve added to them – to live, dream, celebrate, die, to remember the places and people that love us most, the ones that know our hearts, and helped to build our souls.

Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2016 All Rights Reserved

(This poem was inspired by my friend, Joe, and all of my closest friends through the turbulent teenage years, to young adulthood, and that will forever remain in my heart.  Wherever life takes us, we know those that will always shine a light for the other.)