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Lost Significance


Lost Significance—


A communicator climbing hills and mountains in search of new descriptions,

listens for words you might be willing to share,


hopeful to be better acquainted;

understand our predicament.


I can recite all of my definitions by heart.


          —To you if you like.

Yet you sit silently—stingy vocabulary.


Consider sentences beating across the terrain,

between us, and rivers that need denotation.


A thorn bush rushes blood to fingertips,

revelation—blooms—a red rose.


Of course, I do respect the beauty in silence…


…A kiss? A Tear? A Gasp?


I want—

to experience you/you to lose your equilibrium

in a stupid thing,



Under three thousand stars a quarter moon rests,

mist’s silhouette wanders, a dark ocean tries to catch our toes.

Lost firefly-glowing, wind chiming – Amazing Grace!

Each crystal of sand it’s own story.


And you— notice the rupture of a belch,

satisfied with yourself.


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2017 All Rights Reserved


SONG (a poem)


The morning arrives late,

and evening, early.

All of the in-between-time – 

Countless efforts, vision and space,


The maintenance of –



To carry her, delicately,

(fragments to a solution),


loses me—

A windmill.

A viola.

A song in the wind.


Only the sea and a one-eyed-gull

to understand.


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2015 All Rights Reserved