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Lavender Garden

norfolk_lavender_garden_653_jpg_originalLetting go.

Your hand—a ghost.


The love: warm blood remains.

Will continue to pass through me.


Thump, thump…

the pounding empty chest,

swallowed down a burning throat.


Hold her willingness to stay. Please!

Nurture it like sweet breast milk.

I may become your solid foundation,

stone woman. Perfect waistline.


No heart.


“For what do I feel with purpose”,

you’d ask?  The pain mere inconvenience.


I want to build a Lavender garden,

land softly, a butterfly to its scent.

Smile—the perfect yellow.


You can sit on a throne of clouds

that cannot hold your influence,


let it fall, sorrowful grey rain.


The dawn or dusk can find us:


A silent consequence.


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte

© 2016 All Rights Reserved



Behind the Retina


The sadness bellows

with every ice droplet,

falling from the winter sky:

A grey solitude,

too cold for the heart’s survival.

Here in a room of yesterday—

All the distracted shadows,

on lonely walls,

search a soul to attach to,

to become whole,

to live in warm flesh.

A promised future,

her fingers like magic,

painted propositions,

in yellow and pink.


Wanted. Waited. Wished.

Until the expectancy gave way to letting go.

They died together and apart—

Suddenly, one night became an eternity,

a lover answered the longing…

And a day promised endless sunshine.

Then like the stars appear with the moon,

everything became a mere visitor—

Doused like fire,

it went down like poison:

All the miraculous highlights-

The dances of flourishing energy-

Now harsh-jagged-complications.


and choke-upon the sweetness

that was:

a bitter ending,

to death do us part.


She woke-up crying inside her lover’s eyes,

where she wished to remain,



behind the retina,

the color,

away from the visionless-vampires,


Where she could see inward,

drowning-out the darkness inevitable in the light.


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte

© 2015 All Rights Reserved