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Good Morning. Have a seat.


Thank you. It’s nice to meet you.


Likewise. So, tell me, what brings you here?


Well, a lot… I mean, I’ve had a lot to process.




I can get into all of it, and will, but right now, mostly, I’m tired.

Not tired. Depleted! You know, like I’m being pulled in ten different directions at once. Life is constantly asking: Give me, give me, give me… and I am challenged to sustain me in all of it. I am a people-pleaser; caretaker, feeling pressured to be perfect while simultaneously losing me.  My identity is wrapped-up in details. I want to break free. Be me-who I remember that I was. Well, kind of tell everyone in some subtle way to fuck-off!


Hmm… thoughtfully, she raises her thumb and index finger in a backward shaped L, and her palm up to chin to support her head:


So, what I’m getting is that you’re tired. Feeling depleted. As if you’re being pulled in ten different directions at once. Life is asking too much of you, give-me, give me, give me… and as a result you’re challenged to sustain yourself.  I get that you are a people-pleaser, caretaker, feeling pressured to be perfect while simultaneously losing yourself.  You must feel as if your identity is wrapped-up in details. I bet you’d like to break free from it all, you know? In some subtle way you’d like to tell everyone to fuck-off!


Oh, she’s good…


$120.00 – Shall we book your next session?


Sudden-subtle-understanding of one’s ability to reflect perfectly thy self


Seriously, fuck-off!


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte

©2019 All Rights Reserved

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Wolf and Lamb


If my nature draws me to the wolf, but the lamb provides all that I need, do I continue to seek in starvation, from the wolf what he truly will never concede? The piece of discovery I am hard-pressed to possess, to conquer—satisfaction. Consequently absorb clarification…worthiness. Within its complications learn there are no answers: The bait its only depth! —Painful joy within its entanglement. Or, do I allow for submission into what really is love: Contained in tender action—with its own self-righteousness. Let the pleasant monotonies lull me into inertia: Content in its peace to dream of, the bite, hell bent on having me.

-Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2018 All Rights Reserved




No one knows our demons by name or the veracity of our hearts. This is something we would be wise to accept, about ourselves, and everyone we ever meet––Burn expectations of one another at the core. –Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte


From time to time we stumble over ourselves upon answers, and when we do, we claim to have found God, but on the bitter end call it inconceivable tossing faith to chance. –Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte


Drawn innately to those we believe possess understanding about us, on a level we are unable to grasp, but desperately want to behold:

I broke my own heart in order to set it free, that it might find you–—and inside discover me. -Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte


A painful break in time occurred, and when it did all that was known was forgotten. As a result, I was either lost, or I was found. Either way there was nowhere to return to, or to call home.  -Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte





Road to You (I Am)


Where does it lead from here?

A question the road directs to my feet.

(Standing, stomping, still.)


In a quandary my toes and heels ponder:

How could it be the road not know

where it ends and where it goes…?

I’ve become dependent on expecting that much!

Still, the road doesn’t have a choice.

It is paved in permanency.

The twists and turns of gravel are merely illusion…

In love with the soul in my feet—

They decide which way to go…


Free to choose.

And with all the power she asks the road:

Carry me, please, on your back!

I’m afraid of direction, you see.

I will pirouette in position,

fall in love,

give-into faith,

that wherever my feet are, I am,

if not anywhere,

Myself the way—


—Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2015 All Rights Reserved