The box from which you were born,
a puzzle of five-thousand-one pieces.

The perfect painted picture adorned:
Your cover—

the corners that support,
and all of the edges,
your dreams…

Female and male connections,
piece them together,

Count the experiences, scattered,
a planet,
waiting to be discovered.

As they come together to build a landscape,
magnificent colors,
Magnolias that are children.


With every piece you were created brilliantly:

Your first love – a walk with Daddy to the bank and a lime lollipop.
A poem – your mother’s beautifully creased-hands, nurturing.
Laughter – your friends.
Competition, comradely, loyalty – your siblings.
Sacrifice – family.
Discovery, joy, wonder and terror – your child.
Hope – marriage.
Pain – the untimely death.

The seasons that grew you into
a dance that is everything.

And so it goes…

The one extra piece is your search!

For from where you’ve come
there is a purpose
you wish to fulfill—

Instinctively aware,
whether pieced-together,
or broken-apart,

The day of your crossing-over,
freedom from deliberation,
from all of the calculation,

fear of where and when and how…

The sum of it all—

Life was a gift to give thanks.

©2014 Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte All Rights Reserved