Death is a song we all sing,


The purpose and the road
we lead…

You’re up, you’re down,

Life in between—

All the broken parts left behind,

And those that go on…

Stick to your bones—


Come back in smiles.

And those rainy days,

-you barely remember anything,

…but the pain.

It’s a him, a her,
a young guy,
old-lady that had her day.

We carry all your weight,

and sometimes blow-it into the shadows.

In our veins a force flowing…

Rest but don’t forget.

We need to dance once more,
light-hearted, laugh-outward your name.

Once love had a breath.

It isn’t parted but on wings—

Hover a moment-in-time
that lasts forever…

Then set sail—


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte
2014 © All Rights Reserved