Don’t die today with all the stories in your eyes

let me stare deeply into their cave and get lost in

licorice land sweetness pumping from the heart

that doesn’t know its fate those deteriorating insides 

freshly scented summer daffodils bloomed-rotting-bones

parasites crawling from your ears remember your

favorite tune when you can no longer hear but 

songs or sins will burn your tongue swallowing bitter

yesterdays so let it go to hell in the soul of your feet

where we will jump off the edge into dust that

steals your sanity and dreams STOP! This is the

gravitational pull up I am almost home can hear

your mother’s cries the blackness surrounding 

wind at  your back the day was born without you today 

humming your memory—I’ve forgotten the words.


©Maria DellaPorte 2016 All Rights Reserved