A hundred thousand years—


Many millions to ensue…


Where we will be, longing.


The vast darkness.


                    Always the same!


However, dotted speckles of light

do not question,


but are disciplined droplets – A fire-ballet.


Delicately skim pedals of

gold horizon, aspiring hearts

willingly innocent.


Strongly carved planets,

those immobilized souls,

elongate – calves pulling up onto toes.


Spin, spin…


The progression of hopeful chords—


Symphony of galaxies, continual,

birth new homes, infinite desire:


Honey twirling-off edge, a spoon,

light years from the tongue.


Two stars, waiting too long…


S e p a r a t e


Their celestial bodies – gravity,

allow a great fall.


Into love become extraordinary,


diminish the gap between God


          and unabashed fulfillment.


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2016 All Rights Reserved