Yes, I’ve gone missing in action again. I love being able to immerse myself in the freedom and joy of writing without being weighed down or distracted by the business end of things, i.e., marketing, etc. One day, maybe… I’ve also had to deal with complete frustration while trying to finish, and/or correct things not in my hands or control. I still await correction on the print of interior photographs in my latest book, Life in Between, to be sorted out for reproductions and publication. Some days I wonder why I’m bothering at all. Then I see something that takes my breath away, or subtly moves me changing my perception, and I have to describe it in delicious words to capture someone else’s understanding of those feelings along with me. Meantime, I’m sure that I have missed some beautiful posts here on WP from those that I follow. I’m sorry. I have to catch up! Also, I have purchased books, and received manuscripts written by some awesome talented writer friends, that I love to support and just haven’t had an opportunity to complete reading through yet, but I will. I, myself, have let days go by without writing anything more than instructions and that sort of thing. With that said, something completed is my new website listed below. Stepping stones… Please feel free to drop by and check it out. 🙂