I will not fall for you, a sunset, orange peel,

pink chiffon, and lavender.

A descent behind the heart,

her sun, the sky.

Not after a Sunday filled with music

and laughter, a picnic perfect day:

Basket of berries and lemonade. 

Not so easy: A red and white checkered-pattern,

lay down on the grass green with love.

Life is not so pretty.

I will rise to the occasion, be the speed of light,

answers – droplets-off-the-sea.

To moonbeams carrying tender proposals,

salted whispers, marmalade on their tongue.

A place called Heaven, is steel and satin,

forgiven faults, and joy by way of every sense:

Marigolds. Seagull’s-melody. Drifting. Cherry-lime.

By a promise that never falters,

in moments that cry to be saved:

A thousand year curse removed in a day.

Attach to a star, if you wish for her magic.

Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2016 All Rights Reserved