No more being stuck in the muck,

even if it rhymes.


It does not feel good to give-up,

by choice or design.


I am here—


And jumping into the sun!


The golden waves of reprieve…


No prisons from guilt or survival:


…Belief in other people’s stories,

of fear and punishment.


That deafening silent response,

I cloaked myself in.


Let the scars be proud!


They are beautiful mirrors into the soul.


Smile courage.


You sturdy heartbeat:


A trail from the past-

Guide to the future-


When the tears fall,

and they will…


Remind me to rejoice in the knowledge:

I’ve swam through their weight before



There is no refuge from life,

only camouflage:



Sweet lollipops,

And a belly filled with grief and joy.


©2014 Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte – Copyright All Rights Reserved