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Letting Go of Daffodils



Succulent berries captivate a young man.

A handful of Daffodils—


Breaths gather together,

then are lost in waves,

his soft brown hair.


Through the smudged window – a dove

intently it peers inside.


Precariously on the edge— 

She is.

(A frail branch trading fall’s exuberant color for winter)



Two smart black eyes make contact

with hazel, recalling,

still tender in the moment.


Telepathically an understanding:

They are about to go south… 


A grey painted wing matches the sky’s light.

Evaporated sound.


A tear sluggishly down her right cheek loses meaning.


Oblivious—a determined soldier

searches for his manhood.


Inside the walls of a peach colored room,

he climbs the mountaintop for knowledge.


Never to release her secret:

A silk dress inspiring on hip,

bouquet of Daffodils,

sunshine in her smile,

the gospel of yesterday’s youth –

power like money, and beauty is the firefly,




in tragic lines—every one a story.


The crow appears,

lands higher upon the branch with a loud caw.


The dove gives-up its innocence for flight.

She closes her eyes in acceptance.


Time is ageless, as death is inevitable.



-Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2018 All Rights Reserved

Two Stars

A hundred thousand years—


Many millions to ensue…


Where we will be, longing.


The vast darkness.


                    Always the same!


However, dotted speckles of light

do not question,


but are disciplined droplets – A fire-ballet.


Delicately skim pedals of

gold horizon, aspiring hearts

willingly innocent.


Strongly carved planets,

those immobilized souls,

elongate – calves pulling up onto toes.


Spin, spin…


The progression of hopeful chords—


Symphony of galaxies, continual,

birth new homes, infinite desire:


Honey twirling-off edge, a spoon,

light years from the tongue.


Two stars, waiting too long…


S e p a r a t e


Their celestial bodies – gravity,

allow a great fall.


Into love become extraordinary,


diminish the gap between God


          and unabashed fulfillment.


Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2016 All Rights Reserved