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Letting Go of Daffodils



Succulent berries captivate a young man.

A handful of Daffodils—


Breaths gather together,

then are lost in waves,

his soft brown hair.


Through the smudged window – a dove

intently it peers inside.


Precariously on the edge— 

She is.

(A frail branch trading fall’s exuberant color for winter)



Two smart black eyes make contact

with hazel, recalling,

still tender in the moment.


Telepathically an understanding:

They are about to go south… 


A grey painted wing matches the sky’s light.

Evaporated sound.


A tear sluggishly down her right cheek loses meaning.


Oblivious—a determined soldier

searches for his manhood.


Inside the walls of a peach colored room,

he climbs the mountaintop for knowledge.


Never to release her secret:

A silk dress inspiring on hip,

bouquet of Daffodils,

sunshine in her smile,

the gospel of yesterday’s youth –

power like money, and beauty is the firefly,




in tragic lines—every one a story.


The crow appears,

lands higher upon the branch with a loud caw.


The dove gives-up its innocence for flight.

She closes her eyes in acceptance.


Time is ageless, as death is inevitable.



-Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte ©2018 All Rights Reserved


I’ve no inclination for writing a story, not today.

The day feels more like scattered feelings.

Everything is moving in the gray mist,

with hopeful shadows of green love,


Fast as a locomotive that I want to be on,


going forward…

Into the moment where the world opens her arms to me,

like a mother-angel, or a lover,

covering all doubt in the glorious abundance of receiving.


I can shout aloud in that moment up to the heavens,


It will be a covenant and I shall abide by all of the rules of peaceful satisfaction.


For there is no place I want to be,

neither in a home, or on a mountain,

viewing a beautiful painting or emerged in a book,

at sea with blue perfection, above the sky and moon,

not in the wind or a memory…

or world

without love and you.


When love is no longer a promise but a given,

I can see to the end of time,

to know there is in fact none,

every beautiful glimmer of life, revolving.

Resolve it—

Even pain becomes magic you can hold onto and nurture,

or set free to give to new birth.

It is my power to sense,

and feel all of these things,


to stay or go…

I choose neither,

  without you.


If there is one gift I could

implant into your heart,

it would be trust—

What I need most.

And the only way is unwavering.


I am free from all fear

when understood:

All I have

is love

and everything is

an empire


on love

Maria DellaPorte©

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved

Thank you – Led Zeppelin – “If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you, If mountains crumble to the sea it will still be you and me.”